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Surface area
2 hectares

Grape varieties
Grenache, Roussanne, Clairette, Bourboulenc.

From September 10th to 15th depending on the maturity of the grapes. One motnh before harvests: first ripeness checking. Hand picking and selection.

Destalking, direct pressing, no skin maceration, natural temperature-controlled fermentation at 18°C, malolactic fermentation is then stopped to maintain more fruity flavours and primary aromas as well as a certain freshness.

8 years

White 2O17
A pale golden colour with greenish highlights.
An elegant nose, spontaneously offering sea air, ... with a fresh and sunny maritime twist; close your eyes and imagine yourself in a small Mediterranean port by the sea, enjoying seafood... The palate is very significant of the appellation, offering certain consistency and magnificent opulence mid-palate. The sensations don't all rush in at once. Don't hesitate to swirl your glass around to extract even more fragrances, such as a light smokiness and a touch of aniseed which perfectly complements the seaside impressions. There is also a hint of tannin which offers the wine even more presence and complexity; this distinctive wine offers even greater prestige to the Châteauneuf-du-Pape White appellation.

Not to be served too cold, 10-12 °C; sea bass would be perfect, rockfish soup, 'bouillabaisse' or even a 'tielle sétoise' would also be perfect accompaniments.